15 Ways To Look After Your Afro Textured Hair

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Posted On June 3, 2021

Afro hair usually isn’t very easy to take care of, yet discovering the right tools and methods for looking after your natural curly twists, will establish you on the course to embracing your naturally curly hair and also kinky hair. We have actually laid out 15 means to make caring for your afro textured hair an easy task, so you can have that healthy and balanced bounce and also flaunt your all-natural hair happily.

1. Water Must Be Your Hair’s  Buddy

When it concerns your afro textured hair, water is an absolute necessity. One of the tricks to maintaining healthy and balanced all-natural hair is water. It is suggested that you consume eight glasses of water every day as well as also continually apply water to your hair.

One of the means you can make use of water for your hair is during the detangling procedure. Because of its curly nature, normally kinky hair is extra prone to knots and tangles.

Trying to brush through dry and tangled hair will possibly leave you with a strange migraine and hair damage. You should constantly detangle your hair when moist or standing under a showerhead for a simpler process. Water is used throughout the moisturizing procedure as well.

2. Hair Wash Day Routine

The greatest benefit of having blessed with afro hair is that you don’t have to clean it so typically like other hair types. Nonetheless, you require to clean your hair regularly or every two weeks, to stay clear of dryness as well as fizziness. You can do this by embracing a hair wash day routine.

For your hair wash day, utilize a moisture-boosting hair shampoo as well as a conditioner in order to rejuvenate your afro curly hair. Bear in mind not to utilize hot water when cleaning your hair as it dries your hair as well as gets rid of dampness from it. Instead, utilize warm water to cleanse your hair properly.

3. Moisten Your Afro Textured Hair Always

Afro hair loves moisture. Kinky hair tends to dry out swiftly and also lose its wetness, so to avoid that you need to regularly moisturize your hair. Before styling your hair, make certain that you constantly use hydrating milk, cream, or oil. For times when you carry styles like braids or curls, utilize a good conditioning product to keep your hair well hydrated for the entire duration.

One more technique to taking care of your afro as well as refreshing your curls is to treat your hair to a hydrating hair mask often. For extremely dry hair, a maximum moisturizing approach is a second alternative for hydrating the hair.

4. Use only the Protective Styles

As its name goes, protective styles protect your hair from damage, dropping, or damage. Protective afro hairdos you can use consist of putting on wigs, twists, braids, weaves, buns, and Bantu knots.

In cases where you make braids or curls, make sure that your hairdresser eases up on your edges also in order to decrease stress on your scalp.

You can reduce the opportunities of over-combing, over-styling, or damaging your hair with warmth. It is likewise a superb means of detangling your afro hair a whole lot much easier.

Remember to avoid the accumulation of dust when wearing your protective afro textured hairstyles as well as additionally oil your hair as well as scalp day-to-day to maintain your hair follicles healthy.

5. Only use Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Afro Textured Hair

You might locate that several shampoos have chemicals such as ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl sulfate. And they tend to create dry skin and also breakage for your all-natural hair. It’s advised that you utilize a sulfate-free hair shampoo (and conditioner) once a week to add even more dampness to your hair, while additionally being more gentler to your scalp. You can make use of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil hair shampoo with shea butter and apple cider vinegar, which strengthens as well as restores your kinky-curly hair.

Nonetheless, if needing to acquire a sulfate-free hair shampoo consistently is a little above your budget plan, a much more practical option would be to clean your hair with black soap, ideally, the regional ones sold out there. Or perhaps better you can make your own all-natural hair sulfate-free shampoo.

6. Regular Oiling Your Hair

Naturally, kinky afro textured hair needs oiling. Oils should become part of your day-to-day all-natural regimen. Oils play a vital role in keeping and making certain that your natural hair remains healthy and balanced. Oils can be made use of to hydrate your hair or seal in already existing wetness, this is exclusively based on the sort of oil.

Coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil are best used after using a leave-in conditioner as well as for tighter structures, so as to add required wetness to your hair.

Oils like Jamaican black castor oil, Grapeseed oil, or Jojoba oil are terrific for securing wetness into the hair and maintaining it moisturized for a prolonged amount of time

7. Eat Healthy Meals

As nutritious meals are vital for your body, they likewise add to more thick, healthier hair. A well-balanced meal rich in low-fat healthy proteins, dairy items, fruits, veggies, and entire grains will aid your hair development. For a healthy and balanced scalp, eat foods abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts, as well as avocados.

To obtain more thick and healthy hair, increase your intake of healthy protein in your diet regimen by eating foods such as poultry as well as eggs. To maintain your hair hydrated you need to consume foods rich in vitamins A as well as C, such as environment-friendly leafy veggies like spinach and also asparagus.

8. Use Satin Head-Scarf while Sleeping

Never go to bed without a satin scarf or bonnet on. It keeps your afro hair from entangling and also breaking while you rest. Also, purchase a smooth satin or silk pillowcase. Sleeping with loosened hair on a cotton pillowcase will certainly lead to dry hair, hair damage, as well as hair damage, because of the friction with cotton.

A silk or satin pillowcase is much gentler on the hair and aids to preserve your hair’s moisture.

9. Use Your Hairdryer Much Less Commonly

Unlike various other kinds of hair, afro textured hair can appear actually breakable. There’s a higher threat of hair damages depending on exactly how commonly you use heat to your afro.

Using a hairdryer on wet natural hair involves needing to make use of high heat and also a lot of pulling with a styling brush. It is necessary that you stay clear of as much friction and also heat as possible to minimize damages and tangling.

Air drying your hair is a much better option as well as it protects your hair from extreme hair breakage. Remember to never completely dry your hair with a towel! Making use of a towel roughens the hair cuticle as well as triggers frizz as well as breakage. Press your hair completely dry with a soft old tee instead.

10. Allow Your Afro Hair to Breathe

With the recent craziness of hiding your hair under a wig, it’s very easy to neglect to allow your hair to take a breath. Protective hairstyles under your wig such as pigtails and curls should be taken out after 3 months and refreshed. After securing a style, ensure to deep condition and secure your hair.

Don’t hide your all-natural hair back right into a weave after you obtain a hairstyle, rather, you can try styling your natural hair in numerous means such as bantu knots, level twists, or high puffs. This lets your hair breathe and you can shake your beautiful afro crown also.

11. Deep Condition Your Afro Textured Hair

It is very important that you try to deep condition your hair once a week or every 2 weeks, utilizing a mineral oil-free conditioner.

The Argan Oil and also Lavender Leave-In Cream is an excellent choice of conditioner or you can either use a curling custard. Including a deep conditioner in your hair regimen will offer your hair a good moisture protein balance and enhance the look and feel of your hair.

Regularly deep conditioning your hair will certainly create healthier, softer, and less breakable hair. For afro-textured hair, deep conditioning generally functions much better after you have actually used a sulfate-free hair shampoo. If you desire a lot more protein equilibrium in your hair, you can include honey, olive oil, shea butter, or any other all-natural oil in your conditioner.

12. Kinky Clip-ins

Clip-ins are a fantastic way to change up your hair video game, along with an exceptional selection for days you are as well lazy to style your hair. On days like that, you can try out kinky clip-ins or kinky curly clip-ins expansion.

With kinky clip-ins, your hair is made sure versus breakage, as well as your roots, are shielded for extended time periods.

13. Before Sleeping, Braid Your Hair

You should not go to sleep without splitting your hair right into braids. Intertwining before rest helps to secure in wetness all through the night. With braiding, your hair will certainly be held very closely together, sharing its wetness and maintaining them from coming loose as well as massaging against the cushion. Braiding before bed ought to be a vital part of your evening regimen.

14. Trim Your Afro Hair On A Regular Basis

One of your bad habits would possibly be, permitting your hair to grow with all its split ends. Part of the natural hair journey is having to trim your split ends frequently. Split finishes indicate hair damage and also if left unattended to will certainly proceed splitting as well as damage the healthiness of your hair.

Every couple of weeks you should evaluate your hair for split ends as well as for trim them on your own or obtain a hairdresser to do the task for you.

To look for splitting, you can run your fingers along the length of a couple of hairs of your hair. This can inform you if any breakage has happened along that strand. Make certain that your trim split ends past the point of the split, or else it will simply continue damaging.

Even if you do not think you have actually divided ends, if your hair feels rough whenever you move your fingers over, then it suggests hair damage.

15. Use Only A Wide Tooth Comb

Afro textured hair can tangle into knots that make combing through it hard. To decrease hair damage, it is recommended that you utilize combs that have wider, softer teeth, like the wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs have adequate room between the rows to enable movement through your hair without destroying the ends.

Before you brush your hair, ensure that it’s damp enough. If not, spray them with water, then use your finger to detangle first before combing with them.

Caring for your afro textured hair can become an easy task if you follow the above methods and steps carefully. Sooner than you think, you will get on your way in embracing a routine that helps you as well as aids you attain fantastic looking and also healthier hair.

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