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afro hair types

Posted On September 13, 2021

Afros are an excellent method of making life challenging yet definitely amazing. Afro hair types have a different sort of routine as well as a rather prolonged one! The very best way to understand your hair kind is to comply with the hair chart. The kinds of afro hair that exist usually come in the 4A-4C group.

Afros are a great means of making life difficult but attractive. Afro hair types have a different type of regimen and an instead lengthy one! The most effective method to understand your hair texture from different hair textures is to follow the hair graph. The sorts of afro hair that exist generally can be found in the 4A-4C group.

You might ask that what afro hair types are those? They are the kind of curls you have on your head. They come to be ‘tighter’ as the progression of the alphabet. What does tighter suggest? Tighter in the curls community indicates how firmly wound or close to your head your swirls are. This type of hair is primarily seen in black females.

These curly afro hair types classification is called kinky coily. This kinky hair is typically in a Z pattern or no pattern whatsoever. They are rather completely dry also. So, what is it that you can do and also identify your hair kind? This will certainly help you understand which kind of hair do you have. Here is your hair guide.

How Do You Discover Your Afro Hair types?

1. Take a strand of your hair and draw it out.
2. As soon as you leave it, see the pattern it makes.
3. That is your hair type.

A tip, often times you will certainly have your hair pattern or type can be found in greater than one classification, do not fret because that is just normal.

Type 1: Straight Hair

It is the hair that doesn’t have any type of curly or wavey pattern. More probable than not this hair is simple to take care of and also doesn’t have too many troubles of dryness or weak hair unless it has actually been colored or harmed a lot. It is fairly resistant hair as well as pretty hard to curl. This sort of hair reflects one of the most quantity of sparkle.

afro hair types

Type 2: Wavy Hair Types

This classification has 3 subtypes


This is a large wave sort of a pattern. Loose waves compose this classification. They can alternate between straight and wavy hair and also this hair kind has the best styling retention properties. It also has the second-best luster.


These are extra like beach waves. Have a kind of a tighter wave pattern. These can be accomplished despite a great salty mist that is developed specifically for your hair to have a beach wave pattern. This sort of hair is primarily large and also kind of resilient to styling.


These are huge S-shaped waves that are mainly around the head and then open towards the end. They are very vulnerable to frizzing and if you want to style them, you will require to place in some major effort. They are likewise dry as well as require to be washed less regularly. Co-wash in-between cleans would certainly be a terrific idea to retain the moisture and also aid your hair to preserve its flexibility.

afro hair types

Type 3: Curly Hair Type

Again, this category has 3 subtypes


Large, lively, and loosened curls. This is what the 3A curl kind is. These are normally the dimension of a jumbo pastel or possibly 4 pens bundled together. This curl pattern can be primarily subjugated but way too much fiddling with your hair can lead to the hair coming to be exceptionally kinky. So, use a spray-on leave-in to refresh those curls.


These are like the size of sharpies! And most of the time several women’s hair has been considered in between these two categories. Frizz is susceptible as well as exceptionally dry. Apply hair moisturizer or an ointment that has moisturizing and healing properties in and on wet hair, this way they decrease frizz and make better-defined swirls.


Even more like tighter corkscrews the dimension of a pencil. These have beautiful quantities and many black females have such hair contrasted to different structures. These can look completely dry so to make them have a beautiful soft quality, attempt a sulphate totally free hair shampoo. There are many sulphate free shampoos available on the market that can clean out your hair without drying it as well as deep conditioning your hair quite often is a must.

afro hair types

Type 4: Kinky/Coily

These afro hair types group has the African human hair type since it is mostly seen in black individuals. This group can additionally be described as sorts of afro hair due to the fact that it has a lot of people showcasing a fro! This is normally extremely completely dry and wiry or soft as well as fine hair. This hair kind experiences extreme shrinking as well! The curl patterns are bifurcated into 3 subcategories for any type of black lady & guy.


A limited S pattern as well as with the size of a knitting needle or a slim pencil. It is most dense and also has a lot of quantities. These afro hair types can be styled in a wash as well as go technique. The best way to maintain this or any other type 4 hair hydrated is to utilize the Asmara Natural Growcare Hair Ointment prior to a hair wash. This will certainly assist your black hair to keep even more damp than typical and also aid you to detangle easily. The very best method to style this hair is to make use of lightweight hair-care items as well as the ideal styling method.


This is an almost Z pattern hair and is rather susceptible to having breakage. With about 70% shrinkage you require to ensure managing your hair appropriately. Do not stretch it while completely dry, it can cause serious brittleness and breaking. Use hydrating oils such as coconut & castor oil, this way you can help your hair come to be a lot more pliable and much less difficult to manage. Make sure you detangle this sort of afro hair by utilizing a wide-tooth comb as well as a whole lot of water as well as conditioner.


Most of the time these afro hair types has practically no curl pattern. It is a blend of an S or a Z. They are a lot more compactly jam-packed and have about 75% shrinking. The hair is wiry as well as rugged primarily. It is necessary to note yet again that this kind of hair needs a great deal of dampness as well as a conditioner to not damage the hair. The very best means to deal with such hair is to have safe hairstyles such as twists.

afro hair types


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