How to get natural hair after a permanent hair straightening

permanent hair straightening

Posted On October 1, 2021

To answer this question, allow us to start with understanding how permanent hair straightening words.

Permanent hair straightening treatments are a form of chemical handling for your hair. Depending on what method of treatment you make use of, hair that’s naturally curly or distinctive can be altered to lay level and also lose its crinkle and curls.

These therapies work for numerous months or more, normally lasting until brand-new hair expands in to change the hair that was treated. For this reason, these procedures are called permanent hair straightening.

The “permanent hair straightening” label can be made use of to refer to keratin therapies, thermal straightening, as well as “perm” aligning procedures. If you discover your wavy or curly hair tough to style or just desire a modification in your look, these treatments can be appealing.

Self-home treatments and also beauty parlor treatments are both prominent alternatives.

Types of permanent hair straightening treatments

There are a number of sorts of therapies that assert to make your hair straighter. Each relies on a various chemical formulas and processing techniques. A few of these treatments are marketed in packages that you can do yourself in your home, while others require salon-grade tools to be done successfully.

Professional permanent hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening refers to a chemical process that completely changes the structure of your hair follicle. Perms ( permanent hair straightening ) are occasionally related to developing swirls and curls in hair that does not normally have it, yet they can be made use of to make hair straight, as well.

Perms are typically done in one consultation that takes a couple of hours.

Permanent hair straightening at home

Chemical relaxant packages can be bought at drug stores and also beauty shops. These therapies assert to use the very same outcomes as a perm from a salon. Unless you have formal cosmetology training, it will certainly be difficult to make use of these sets effectively.

Semi-permanent hair straightening

Keratin hair treatments, Brazilian blowouts, and also semi-permanent hair straightening the alignment of all refer to a technique of treating your hair for a straight appearance that lasts 3 to 5 months. This technique can take multiple salon appointments to finish the application.

Thermal straightening

Japanese thermal hair straightening out, also called an acid perm, is a lot more comparable to a traditional “permanent hair straightening” than it is to a keratin treatment.

This procedure could include the lengthiest time invested in a salon chair (5 to 6 hours), yet it also asserts to last the lengthiest (approximately 6 months). It additionally costs the most, varying from $200 to $800.

For lots of people, the key to smooth, shiny hair lies in permanent hair straightening treatments that maintain strands frizz as well as curl totally free for months– or even much longer if you’re going the relaxer path. But, given that it’s human nature to desire what we do not have, several eventually select to change to their all-natural texture. In the case of keratin, it will take a couple of months to go out. However, when it comes to chemically relaxed hair (keratin’s unyielding cousin), the shift isn’t nearly as smooth.

What is a relaxer?

Relaxer is a chemical that permanently uncurls hair. The hairs on our head are constructed from keratin healthy proteins which are held together by disulfide bonds that provide hair its flexibility, stamina, and also crinkle pattern. Exactly how curly your hair is, relies on the number of disulfide bonds it has.

By chemically damaging these bonds, the keratin can be realigned as well as aligned. Think about it as a reverse permanent hair straightening. The option is used at the scalp after that pulled through to reorganize the hairs in a straight line.

Such relaxers are most popular for thick, Afro-Caribbean hair. The procedure requires to be repeated every eight weeks to address regrowth. Because there’s some inevitably overlap, these treatments are recognized to harm as well as overstretch specific hair shafts, making them significantly prone to cracks and damage. While residence sets are conveniently offered and also affordable, these products likewise make it simple to over-process the hair.

Another high-risk relaxer relocation consists of not waiting the advised quantity of time in between touch-ups.

What isn’t a relaxer?

Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning:

This procedure utilizes chemicals and also warm to modify the framework of hair, loosening up hair proteins, then reshaping hair cells. It can be damaging, but numerous consider it rewarding for six to seven months of stick-straight hairs. As soon as the treatment fades out, the hair will certainly go back to its initial texture.

Keratin Treatment/Brazilian Straightening:

A finishing of keratin is repainted and also sealed onto the hair shaft, creating a moisture barrier that minimizes frizz as well as provides hair a glossy finish. Regular outcomes last around three months, after that carefully fades out as hair goes back to its all-natural structure.

Can I get natural hair after permanent hair straightening?

So, fortunately first: your all-natural texture will certainly return. The trouble: it’s going to spend some time to return to a complete head of curls.

As brand-new hair development occurs, the appearance will certainly come in equally as you keep in mind. The section that was loosened up, however, will certainly remain straight. Many ladies choose to remove the size to speed up the procedure. Or, you can try trimming a little off completions after each hair shampoo to gradually undermine the over-processed ends. But if that’s also a remarkable move, spin-outs, flat twists, and also protective styling works great to camouflage the two, opposing textures and also hide weak and compromised ends.

There will certainly be an extremely damaged line of demarcation where the relaxed hair, as well as brand-new hair development, meet that can easily break. In addition, hair will have two various pHs with unwinded hair being really alkaline, and fresh growth extra acidic, which makes discovering the right cleaning, conditioning as well as styling products a challenging job.

During the growing out stage, you’ll intend to stay clear of warmth, extreme chemicals (consisting of keratin therapies), extensions, or anything else that places undue stress and pulls or moves hair. Nourishing as well as conditioning active ingredients will certainly be beneficial to maintain the hair from breaking prematurely. For this uncomfortable stage, Asmara Natural suggests organic and natural active ingredients like maracuja oil to restore hair’s strength as well as hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize hair fibers.

Additional useful tips
– Maintain hair pinned or tucked away throughout the growing-out phase
– Make use of nourishing hair oils and moisturizers.
– Copulate a silk cover or pillowcase to remove rubbing friction
– Decrease making use of heat styling devices
– Keep hairstyles on the looser side– tight ponytails will certainly place tension on strands
– Get normal trims till all the kicked back ends are gone
– Avoid sleeping on wet hair

How to Get natural hair back after permanent hair straightening

Whether you want to fix heat damage from your straightening regimen or are looking for a modification to your look, you can take numerous avenues to obtain your natural hair back.

If your hair is harmed, you’ll require to clean and also dry it in a way that’ll start the recovery process. For harmed or healthy and balanced hair, you might try some curl-inducing therapies. Lastly, if your hair is stubborn, you can educate it back to curliness with a couple of no-heat curling approaches.

Method 1 – Washing and also Drying Your Hair

1. Make use of a hair moisturizer daily. If your hair has been damaged from warmth or chemicals, buy a cream that in fact permeates your hair shaft. Focus on any kind of part of your hair that feels extremely completely dry, not simply the ends. Comply with the instructions on the bundle, specifically for recommendations on how much time to leave it on your hair

– Try to find hydrating components like Argan oil, keratin, avocado oil, vitamin E, Moroccan oil, and coconut oil.

2. Shampoo and condition your hair with sulfate-free products. Sulfates are harming you as well as strip out the all-natural oils, making your hair dry as well as weak. Dry, harmed hairs do not hold curls well. Sulfates can likewise create tangling, especially if you have naturally curly locks.

– If you have some all-natural wave or crinkle to your hair, utilize curl-enhancing hair shampoos and also conditioners to improve your curly hair.

3. Make use of a clarifying hair shampoo at least every six weeks. Clarifying shampoo can remove accumulation from styling items that might be weighing down your swirls. However, if utilized too often, it can dry out your hair. Clean your hair with clarifying hair shampoo and afterward follow up with a moisturizing shampoo right away afterward to improve your curls as well as additionally aid to avoid dry skin.
– Do not make use of clarifying hair shampoo greater than one or two times a month.

– If your hair is additional dry or damaged, use a deeply hydrating treatment after rinsing out the moisturizing hair shampoo.

4. Ditch the heat totally. Fail to remember the guidance that reduced warm is all right. It may be a little much less destructive than high warmth, yet it will not help in the recovery of your hair. Put away the hairdryer, curling iron, and also other warm sources. Allow your hair to naturally dry.

– If you have tight swirls, different your hair right into 4-8 areas and also braid each section. Braiding the hair might assist it to dry quicker and also aid to extend the rigidity of your curls.

5. Deep-condition your hair at the very least as soon as each week. Add a deep-conditioning product to your hair treatment routine to recover dampness, since curly hair is generally completely dry and also often tends to obtain frizzy. Use a rich formula a minimum of as soon as each week, right after you use your regular shampoo.

Method 2 – Utilizing Curl-Restoring Treatment

1. Whip up a mayo treatment. Give massage therapy with two to three tbsps (29.6-44.4 mL) of mayo into your hair when it’s still damp. Cover it with a shower cap and also let the mayo remain on your hair for 15 to 30 minutes. Finally, wash it out with a gentle shampoo. This must remove the mayo scent from your hair and likewise soften your hair, making it a lot more curl-friendly.

– You will not require to apply conditioner after you shampoo, given that the mayo supplied a healthy and balanced dosage of moisture.

2. Try out a serum to tame frizz. Apply a hydrating product to damp hair before you design your hair to include some moisture and also prevent frizz. Concentrate on using it from midshaft throughout. Prevent using products on your roots, considering that they can trigger oily build-up and oily strands.

– Examine the bundle components and also select a product that’s free of alcohol.

3. Get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. Normal trims will certainly remove split ends that consider your hair down and also prevent curls from bounding back. Aim for every six weeks a minimum of. If your hair expands rapidly, timetable your trim every 4 weeks.

Method 3 – Wearing Heat-Free Curl-Inducing Styles

1. Braid your hair. Towel completely dry your hair as well as comb any tangles. After that, start to divide your hair right into areas. Do two sections to obtain thick, curl-like waves or select more areas for a crimped look. After that, split each area into three sub-sections and also braid them.

– Sleep with braids and also release them the next early morning for heat-free curls!

2. Spin up some Bantu knots. Separate your hair right into a couple of sections for large curls and also smaller-sized sections for smaller swirls. Use some item, such as mousse or a moisturizing curl enhancer, to each section of hair. Twirl each section around your finger to develop a twisty, rope-like pattern. Ultimately, loop it around to develop a bun-like shape and also pin it to your head with about two bobby pins. Repeat this process around your head. Permit your hair to air dry entirely.

3. Attempt a perm rod curl. Initially, apply leave-in conditioner to your hair. Then, divide your hair right into a few areas for larger swirls as well as numerous areas for smaller-sized curls. Next, begin to turn each section around a perm rod as well as roll it up to your scalp. Safeguard it by putting your hair in the slit along the surface of the rod. Repeat the procedure with each continuing to be the area of hair. Maintain your hair rolled up until it’s completely dry.

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