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Asmara Natural Growcare & Skincare


Asmara Natural grow and skincare care is the liquid of spiritual growth, of true enchanted unaltered Afro-Caribbean hair. The soil of red earth, and the umbilical cord of black excellence and black growth. Our hair and skin is as complicated and beautiful as the intricate patterns of the skin of the African crocodile. Asmara is the facilitator of follicle growth, and liquid to smoothe skin using organic unblemished Shea butter, and oils from organic produce.

Whether your hair is curly, wavy, coily or in kinky locks, and whether you’re looking for long-lasing moisture, curl definition, more strength or faster hair growth, Asmara Natural growcare is here to help you. Asmara Skincare, is the potent potion of truth and African divinity, let the soft shea butter and organic oils, blended in heat and red love submerge your body in power and success. Find a new friend in Asmara Natural grow and Skin care!


Confident Beauty

Taking pride and owing to your beauty, isn’t an option. Our accessibility comes compromise-free.

Ancient Wisdom

Recipes handed down from ancient Ashanti tribal ingredients .

Visual Solutions

Practical stimulating, soothing, surprises that speak to all the senses.

Cultures Cultivated

The best ingredients gathered from around the world and picked to complement.”


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